Can a startup apply for an unsecured business loan?

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A startup is a founder's invention; initially, even the most valid idea doesn't find any financers. The reason is simple: people need to figure out the performance of a startup in the long run and thus step back from supporting it financially. But, when there is a will, there is most definitely a way. A perfect solution for such a situation is an unsecured loan, not bound by any collateral security, available with quick application and timely reimbursement. But, as a founder or co-founder, one never first thinks of taking a loan. They either go for a traditional or an online lender to get an unsecured business loan for the startup. On most occasions, they will have to submit an application form and any relevant documentation (such as financial and legal documents), so the lender can assess their application. And, surprisingly the formalities often last forever, and no loan is granted. You need a professional financial advisor to apply for an unsecured loan timely and eventually enjoy quick reimbursement. Before that, let's understand what a startup business loan is. 

What are loans for a startup? 

A startup business loan is an aid to finance a business. Loans are a tool to seek financial help for the development of a startup. The aim is to scale up their product or service in the first stage of the operations. Startup loans mostly come in the form of unsecured business loans, such as Small Business Administration loans (SBAs), merchant cash advances, crowdfunding, and more. This allows startups to concentrate on their core business activities rather than indulging in heavy-interest loans. When financial constraints are suffered, organizations shut down even before the launch. The initial stage of every business, irrespective of nature, is the cash-burning stage, but gradually, the returns shoot up. A loan allows a startup to create a roadmap to success. 

What types of loans can a startup apply for? 

Majority types of startup business loans are unsecured. It is a safe option, but you need to understand them independently. Each class is different and comes with specific pros and cons. Have a look at how different types of unsecured startup business loans compare. 
Credit cards: Another way to get unsecured startup business loans is via credit cards. You can use either business or personal cards to cover several different expenses. Plus, if your credit is good, you may even be able to access certain benefits, such as a temporary promotional 0% APR period. Credit cards typically feature smaller funding amounts, which may make them a poor source of financing for only some business expenses. Plus, they come with high-interest rates.
Personal loans: If your credit is nice and your finances are in proper, you can apply and avail a personal loan to fund your startup. Keep that in mind that most lenders will also want to see proof of income for personal loans. Although this funding type can be helpful, you'll still be personally liable for the loan if you cannot repay it. 
Friends and family: If your network has enough capital to invest, pitch your business idea to your friends and family. It is the most usual way for startups to raise money initially. If you decide to go this route, make sure to lay out the conditions of each offer in writing to reduce confusion and potential conflicts. 
Crowdfunding: A very popular way to apply for unsecured business loans for startups is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to raise small slots of money directly from many distinct investors. In exchange, investors will typically receive equity as repayment for funding your campaign. Crowdfunding is fast and straightforward. However, it does push you to give away equity in your business, which can create valuation issues or threaten your control down the line. 
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