How can a financial advisor help to apply for a loan transparently?

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A financial advisor is an exemplary professional who can help you seek the proper assistance for financial guidance—a professional with a deep knowledge of investment, debt, and other financial aids. A loan is a debt that should be raised under the direction of an expert. It allows the loan seeker to understand the terms and conditions and take necessary action. Loans are significant of two types; one is secured, and another is unsecured. A loan taken against a collateral security is termed a secured loan. On the other hand, a loan taken without any mortgage or protection is known as an unsecured loan. People avail of both types of loans as per their needs. 

Why do we need a loan?

A loan is a financial assistance made available by banks and financial institutions. It offers everyone a chance to seek financial help for their expenses. Today, we can buy a house or car or even pay for wedding expenses with a loan. We must apply for a loan, complete certain documents, and await approval. One can raise a loan to level up their business or start a new one. It is such a powerful facility that allows everyone to dream and make it possible through a self-financed facility. A loan is a paid financial assistance for which every loan seeker pays the interest amount. They can even choose the tenure of payment at their convenience. There are many types of loans: personal loans, business loans, secured loans, unsecured loans, etc. Nature depends upon the need for the loan. 

Why do we need a financial advisor?

Every individual, organization, or legal entity needs a financial advisor. It allows them to understand their financial needs and ways to meet them. Ethically raising funds or seeking loans is essential for everyone. A financial advisor helps you plan, implement and follow up through their expertise. It becomes necessary for them to share critical analysis at the right time. They are financial guardians who can suggest what to do when you miss your EMI. It is essential to understand they are here to help you when needed. 

Characteristics of an ideal financial advisor

1. Capable of planning- A professional capable of planning according to your needs is the one you ended up applying for a loan. Every applicant needs to understand why they need a loan, how they will utilize the amount, and finally, how to make repayment. These factors contribute a lot to planning the whole financial move. 
2. Proven experience- A Financial advisor needs to showcase their expertise clearly with the motive of reflecting on how helpful their services are to loan applicants. You must understand the expertise of the professional by checking out testimony and past client experience. It lets you know whether that professional can offer relief and required help.
3. Offer timely guidance- Guidance should be given on time. Otherwise, it becomes useless. Every expert must offer timely advice to their clients to help them quickly seek relief. Timing plays a significant role in case of financial decisions. 
4. Can suggest solutions- A financial advisor should be able to figure out the best possible solution for the present situation. For example, if a customer has failed to repay a loan on time and is now willing to reciprocate. The client, at default, needs to know about the penalty that is attracted and how to minimise it. Likewise, there are many situations where a customer needs an expert’s advice to find solutions. 
5. Ease out process- The process of applying for a loan gets complex when the loan is raised for commercial purposes. Accordingly, one must have the proper guidance to seek the loan on time. Plus, it involves complex documentation that one cannot do alone. Professional handling is needed, and it can be done only by a professional who is ready to offer services with perfection. 
6. Able to restructure debt- Yes, it is a situation when only a financial advisor can guide and help you choose the right option. As there are multiple types of debt, one can opt to restructure them as per the situation, and it is only made possible with proper analysis and effective decision-making. 
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