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Are you in immediate need of money for personal expenses and debts? No worries, we will make sure you grab the personal loan from us Loans Paradise as soon as possible. Though a personal loan is an unsecured loan, it is specially designed to pay all your expenses or debts. One can get a personal loan if he/she is genuinely in need of finance. Also, before grabbing a personal loan, a person who is willing to take this loan has to go through specific procedures and various eligibility criteria, which are the basic requirements for getting loans.
No matter whatever expenses a person has to pay, the personal loan is also big thumbs up for every expense. Be it a trip to a foreign country or your child's marriage or abroad studies expenses, everything can be paid up by fetching a Personal loan.
Below is all the detailed information is given about how to grab a loan from us that too the personal loan but before having a look at the procedures and steps to get a personal loan, have a look at the reasons why you should go for a personal loan if you are in need for money.

The reasons why a person should get a personal loan for the debts and expenses:

  • Loans Paradise serves their customers with personal loans that do not require any collateral to be placed before grabbing the loan.
  • Most of the personal loans are short term loans.
  • Such personal loans have a low rate of interest and don't need any collateral to be put as a guarantee.
  • The person who is willing to take this kind of loans has to prove the creditworthiness first
  • Within such a short period, one can avail of this type of loan, and that is why personal loans are said to be the best ones when it comes to paying expenses in a short period.
  • Most conveniently, without any interruptions, one can avail of personal loans for paying emergency expenses.
  • The cherry on the cake is less paperwork. Personal loans usually do not have long, tedious processes and paperwork to be done as the procedure of availing personal loans is so short and straightforward, along with demanding very few documents.
  • Your very own Loans Paradise is now getting fatter as we are now available in all country cities, search and get a personal loan from us from anywhere and from any bank you want. Only you have to prove your creditworthiness, and that's all, the loan is all yours!
  • Fetch a tax benefit too just by availing of your loan! According to the 24B, if a person is taking a personal loan for paying the expenses of home renovation, he/she will get the tax benefit up to rupees 2 lacs.
  • Use the amount of loan anywhere you want to. You will not have to face any restrictions in spending the loan amount. You can spend anywhere on anything you want except the speculative reasons. You can pay any expense any debt by availing of personal loans.

The documents required to unlock the personal loan are as follows:

Like the qualification models, various banks need various archives for checks that demonstrate the borrower's credibility. At Finfree Ventures, alongside a filled-in application structure with a new photo, you may need two or three additional reports, depending on the monetary organization's situation with which you are applying for individual credit. Referenced underneath are a couple of records that ought to be submitted for confirmation interaction.

Have a look at the below-listed documents to be shared with us before grabbing your loan:

  • Identity Proof - Pan Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID card / Driving License / Passport Copy
  • Current Address Proof - Driving license/ Passport Copy/ Latest Gas Bill / Latest Property Tax Bill / Bank Passbook / Ration Card
  • Age Proof - Pan Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID card / Passport Copy / Any Other Statutory authority Certificate
  • Bank Statement - Updated Latest 3 Months Statement
  • Company ID – For Employment Proof
  • Salary Slip - Last 3 Months
  • Form 16 - If asked by the authorities.

Details of the Personal loans offered by Loans Paradise are as follows:

  • Interest rates - 10.55% to 15.05%
  • Processing fee- It ranges from 1% - 3% and differs according to the banks.
  • Loan Amount- ? 15,000 - ? 75 lakhs
  • Lock-in period: It differs from lender to lender.
  • Pre-closure charges- It differs from the lender to lender
  • Guarantor Required- It depends on the different conditions.
We here at Loans Paradise also have the option to make you grab your loan online. Just apply it online and get it done in a few easy steps.

The following are the typical steps and process to be followed for unlocking the personal loan:

  • First of all, make the counting in your mind and decide the loan amount. How much amount did you require to pay the personal expenses? You can determine the amount and see the options available in the loan amounts accordingly.
  • Check the loan's eligibility or check whether you are eligible to get the determined amount loan or not.
  • After making sure that you are eligible for your wished amount loan, calculate the monthly installments you have to pay after getting the loan. Make sure you are capable enough to pay for that.
  • Approach us after deciding the loan amount and making sure that you will pay the EMI.
  • Submit the asked documents along with the application and unlock your loan!
So the above provided was all the information regarding Loans Paradise's loans, the documents required for getting loans, the process and how it all works, and the reasons mentioned above for why one should get a personal loan. Everything is stated above in detail. I hope this information helped you in getting and choosing the right amount for your loan.