Is it essential to file ITR for business loans?

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Businesses in india are expected to file ITR regularly, irrespective of whether they are making a profit or loss. Every company needs to file ITR-V. The declaration of the financial transaction is necessary, and it will allow every business owner to reflect their performance through valid financial statements. But, it is also proof to reflect your liability to pay tax. Filing an ITR is very crucial. It is suggested by authorities to file an ITR even if your income does not exceed the exemption limit. Regular filing of ITR allows you to complete significant eligibility criteria for attaining a business loan. 

What is a business loan, and how is ITR essential for it?

A business loan is an excellent way to meet an organization's financial needs. A business loan allows a business owner to expand their business, open a new branch, introduce a new product or even pay off liabilities. It is financial assistance made available to companies to attain financial freedom. Financial institutions sanction it as per the eligibility criteria. However, the application process requires substantial documentation like proof of income, personal information, bank statements, and more. 
An Income Tax Return (ITR) is essential to submit during the application process. Income Tax Return documents include information about your income and the taxes you must pay in the upcoming year. Before sanctioning a business loan, lenders need this document to verify your creditworthiness and income status.

ITR reflects the following information about the loan applicant:

1. Income tax liability and records.
2. Profitability
3. Financial accountability
Here we will discuss why you need an ITR for a business loan. 
Why Do We Need An ITR To Get A Business Loan? 
Here's why your ITR filing is essential to get a business loan on ITR: 

1. Compulsory document for Business Loans 

Financial institutions require various documents to apply for a business loan, including a balance sheet and a profit & loss account. You must also submit the completed ITR form with these documents for the past three years. These are compliance measures that will make your loan case strong even further. The ITR form is required to check the borrower's financial credibility and makes it easy for banks to provide loans to the borrower.

2. Reflects Financially Accountable 

The government requires you to file your income tax return within a specific period. You are illustrating you are a good citizen by filing the return, which shows your sense of duty to your country. Filing your returns on time reflects to the lender that you're financially responsible and will pay back their dues on time. This way, you've more chances to get your loan approved. This ensures that you can pay interest and EMIs on time and always file Income Tax returns on time.

3. Proof of Profitability 

ITR lists your business income, interest income from savings and fixed deposits, or any other source of income. This document also contains any interest you may have paid for a loan. In other words, it provides insight into your business and financial conditions. This information helps your lender determine your business's financial ability based on your current financial situation. The financial condition of a company is always uncertain. Therefore, Income tax returns give the lender assurance about the borrower's capabilities to repay the loan.

4. Reflects Net Income of Business 

Your lender calculates your net income from your ITR form. They consider all the elements of your ITR. When you apply for a business loan, the lender may decide, based on payment, the loan amount you are eligible for or whether you qualify for the loan. The income tax return of your business shows the exact situation. It helps them to identify if you have taken any other borrowings or if you can repay or not.
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